Text Layers


Adjusting Text Layers

When you add a text layer, you may find that it's not aligned to the centre of your composition. The best way to tackle this is by adjusting the Text Anchor or Text Position through the Controller panel - this will adjust all of your text layers at once, so you don't have to keep adjusting each layer!

Source Text Layer

Once you've set up your Text layers with the Font and Size that you want, you can use the Source Text Layer control to keep the text within each layer the same. Simply choose a text layer from your composition, and every other Vigoro text layer will take on the same Text value as the one selected!


The Wiggler has a huge amount of options to play with! You can use it to wiggle your text layers around for lots of cool effects.

If you don't want all of your layers to be wiggling, no problem! You can adjust the top and bottom layer wiggles, and the layers in between will fade between the two values.

You can also change the Character Correlation to adjust how each character wiggles relative to the one next to it!

Rundown of Text Layer Options!

Source Text Layer: This lets you choose a layer that all the text layers will follow for their source text. So if you have 5 different text layers, you can set the source text layer to one of them, and when you change that layer's text, the rest will follow! If you set this to a non-text layer nothing will happen.
Adjust Text Anchor: Lets you adjust the Anchor Point of all text layers simultaneously. Great for adjusting the positioning if you have a lot of the same text. 
Adjust Text Position: Lets you adjust the Position of all text layers simultaneously. If you want to keep the text centred for size offsets etc., change this value instead of the Text Anchor!


Same as Shape: Check this and the text will take on the same appearance as set in the main Appearance panel! Note that dashed lines will not work with text.

Text Fill: Check this to enable or disable the Text Fill color.
Text Fill Opacity: Adjust the opacity of the fill in Text layers.
Text Stroke: Check this to enable or disable the Text Stroke.
Stroke Opacity: Use this to adjust the opacity of the stroke on Text layers.
Stroke Size: Choose the thickness of the stroke on Text layers!
Stroke Offset: Offset the stroke thickness on Text layers - have the stroke thicken towards the back of the stack or vice-versa!


Tracking: Adjust the tracking on all of the Text layers simultaneously.
Tracking Offset: Offsets the tracking of each Text layer against each other!
Character Offset: This will offset the character of each text layer to make a randomised text effect!


The Text Wiggler is an awesome way to add some excitement to your Text layers. It lets you wiggle individual characters (or whole words) around with a ton of customisation!

Enable Wiggle: Check this to enable the Text Wiggler!
Wiggle Amount: Changes the wiggle amount across all layers.
Top Layer Wiggle: If you have multiple Text layers, this will set the wiggle amount on the top layer of text. It will then fade towards the Bottom Layer Wiggle amount on the next layers, so you can have a static top layer and a wiggling bottom layer!
Bottom Layer Wiggle: If you have multiple Text layers, this will set the wiggle amount on the bottom layer of text. It will then fade towards the Top Layer Wiggle amount.
Wiggles/Second: The number of wiggles a second!
Character Correlation: The correlation between characters (duh!). If you set this to 0%, the characters in each text layer will move completely independently, and if it's set to 100% all of the text on that layer will wiggle at the same time.
Temporal Phase: Lets you adjust the Temporal (time) phase of the wiggle.
Spacial Phase: Lets you adjust the Spacial (space) phase of the wiggle.
Lock Dimensions: When this is checked, characters will keep their dimensions. When unticked they won't! So when using a scale wiggle for example, characters may stretch and squash.
Random Seed: The Random Seed for the wiggle. Changing this will change the way the layers wiggle!
Layers Random Wiggle: When this is checked, all Text layers will wiggle separately from each other. If it's unchecked, the layers will all wiggle at the same time in the same space!


Anchor Point Wiggle: Wiggles the Anchor point of each character. If you use this alongside a Rotation or Scale Wiggle, it will change the point that the transformations happen around.
Position Wiggle: Wiggles the Position of each character.
Scale Wiggle: Wiggles the Scale of each character. If Lock dimensions is unchecked it will also squash and stretch the characters!
Skew Wiggle: Wiggles the skew of each character (Basically slants them!)
Skew Axis Wiggle: Change the axis of the Skew, to change the direction the character slants at.
Rotation Wiggle: Wiggle the rotation of each character around the text's Anchor Point.
Opacity Wiggle: Wiggle the opacity of each Character!
Tracking Wiggle: Wiggles the tracking of the characters.
Character Offset: Offsets each character. Setting this and then animating the wiggle amount down to 0% will create a 'decoding' type effect!