Vigoro UI panels

Look at this guy! What a happy little fella.

The UI panel is where you'll create new Vigoro Compositions, change options, add text and convert layers, and bake and freeze your compositions. A lot going on in such a little box! And you can dock it wherever you want, so it's always at hand.

Here's a little rundown of what each option does (you can see this again by clicking the ? in the UI panel :

Vigoro Comp Name: Choose the name for your composition. If you check '3d Comp', it'll automatically have (3D) added to the end.
No. of Layers: Use the slider to choose the number of layers for your Vigoro Composition.
No Cut Effects (Enables 3D shadows): If this is checked, all cut effects will be removed from the Comp you create - this can help speed things up, but also allows you to use true 3D shadows on 3D comps.
3D Comp: Check this to automatically make your controller and Vigoro Layers 3D. Note that if you want to use lights with shadows, you must disable the layer effects (check No Cut Effects).
Camera: Simply adds a camera to your 3D scene. Timesaver!
Light: Adds a light to your 3D scene. Joke about lighting up your life!
Create Comp: Well, it creates your composition!
Add Text Layer: Choose a text layer, and then hit this button to convert it for use with Vigoro! It will move to the top of the Vigoro stack.
Convert Layer:  Choose an image/video/precomp layer, and then hit this button to convert it for use with Vigoro! It will move to the top of the Vigoro stack.
Bake/Freeze Comp: Hit this to bring up the Bake/Freeze Dialog. You can then choose to bake or freeze selected aspects of your comp, to speed up your project once you're done editing your Vigoro layer.


Vigoro Default Composition Settings

Vigoro Default Composition

The Default Composition Settings panel allows you to save some default settings when you create Vigoro Compositions!

When Mimic Selected Composition is checked, you will need to have a composition selected in the Project panel when you create your Vigoro Composition. The Vigoro composition will attempt to mimic the selected composition's settings. Very helpful if you're working on a project with weird composition settings!

If it's unticked, the settings underneath will be used to create your Vigoro Composition. Similar to the 'Create New Composition' settings in After Effects, but you can just set them and forget them!

Bake/Freeze Panel

The Bake/Freeze panel is an amazing little guy. You may find when using Vigoro that your compositions are getting pretty slow, especially if you're stacking up multiple Vigoro compositions. Bake/Freeze to the rescue! Go to the composition you wish to bake/freeze, and choose what you want to do to each section of each layer. Baking will make the layers completely uneditable, but will bake all animation. Freeze will freeze each object at it's current value, which is way quicker but will remove any animation!

If you don't have any compositions selected in the project panel, Bake/Freeze will target the currently open composition. If you have a composition or multiple compositions selected in the project panel, Bake/Freeze will target all of them! 

You should note that Bake/Freeze will ignore any locked layers, so if you have anything you want to protect, lock the layer before running it!