I'm having installation problems!

  • Check that you've placed all files where they need to go!Follow the guide on this page.
  • If you're having problems with the [PACK] installation file - Check theinstructions, and keep in mind that you don't need to install these on CC2014!
  • If you're running on Windows, make sure you're running After Effects as an Administrator.
  • If you're having licensing issues, please submit a ticket on aescripts.

I'm getting this error when creating a new Composition!

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Very occasionally this error message will appear when creating a new Vigoro Composition. We're looking into why it's happening, but clicking 'OK' will dismiss it and it shouldn't have any effect on the composition, so don't worry about it too much!

I deleted the Controller layer and everything went wrong!

Try not to delete the controller layer! It's controlling everything, and if you delete it, all of these expressions on your Vigoro layers will be disabled.

If you can't help yourself, it might be worth looking atthis link- it'll help you re-enable all of the expressions that have been disabled!

Vigoro is running slowly!

There's a lot going on with Vigoro - expressions can slow down After Effects considerably if there's a lot of them calculating at the same time. If you're on an older computer it may be fairly noticeable - try these tips to speed things up a bit.

  • Try creating your Composition with only 2-3 layers, and once you're happy with the animation duplicate/add layers in. The animation will all adapt to the number of layers in the Composition, so you can normally get away with this method to create things faster!
  • If you know you won't use any Cut Effects, try ticking the No Cut Effects checkbox before creating your Composition. This will remove the Cut Effects from your new Composition, so you'll have less expressions floating about to slow you down!
  • Motion Blur and Depth of field can both slow down Vigoro compositions considerably - it's best when possible to create your animation with them disabled and enable once you're happy with what you have!
  • Use theBake/Freeze dialogfor your project! If you're stacking lots of Vigoro layers on top of each other, or trying to use Motion Blur/3D effects on your compositions, things will slow down fast. Baking your Compositions when you're happy with them will speed everything back up.

I just started and I'm confused!

Have a look through these help pages, and check out the template files included with your Vigoro download. You should be zipping along in no time!

I've got another question!

Check out the support page on aescripts.

If you want to email, shoot a message to vigoro@othercubed.com