Trails is an add-on for After Effects which creates amazing, fully dynamic trails and speedlines. You can set up a Trail in seconds, and apply dynamic effects to give even more life to your animation.

With Trails, you don’t need to worry about what you want to create a trail on - it will parent to any layer regardless of expressions or crazy parenting setups.

The trails created are completely dynamic and will update instantly to any change you make - so you don’t have to worry about updating them every time you want to move a layer over a couple of pixels.



  • Fully dynamic trails that update instantly in your composition

  • Add additional dynamic effects:

    • Line velocity - have your trails react to the velocity of whatever they’re connected to, creating some lovely physicality.

    • Wiggler - add a touch of randomness to your lines with the wiggler

    • Add Movement - add some additional linear movement to your lines - great for creating trails that feel as if they’re flowing - or for making your trail as a base to use for creating hair, flags, faux smoke, or whatever you fancy!

  • Trails work with all shape layer effects - add trim paths, repeaters, zig zags to your heart’s desire.

  • A velocity based line length checkbox scales dynamic effects to the velocity of your trail.