Eyes - AE Rig


Eyes - AE Rig


OC Eyes is a simple animation preset that allows you to create eyes for your animation with ease! There are a ton of options to play with, and you can even add blinks using markers for super speedy animation!

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  • Simple animation preset!
  • Animate by choosing a layer to look at - no more fiddling with rotations and anchor points!
  • Tons of options - from frowns, winks, eye shapes and more. All update alongside the rig so you can change the look at any time!
  • Super easy 'Auto Blink' animation using markers so you can add blinks in realtime as you watch your animation!


OC Eyes has only been tested on CC2014 and CC2015!

To install, simply drag the OC Eyes.ffx file to your After Effects>Presets folder. Voila! Just search for 'eyes' in the Effects and presets panel, and apply to a fresh Shape layer. You may need to restart After Effects or refresh the effects and presets panel for it to show up!

If you have trouble with a 'missing' error, there's also a .jsx file included. Simply go to File>Scripts>Run script file, and choose 'OC Eyes Installer.jsx', wherever you've unzipped the download to.