Hi! I'm Tom.

I started off with print design, but I soon realised that I really love making things move. I've been working as a freelance Motion Designer and Animator for around two years, and have enjoyed every second of it.

I love experimenting with new techniques and practices, and I'm always up for a cool new project. When I'm not mashing buttons on my computer, I enjoy cycling, bouldering and writing overly short about me sections.

Standard Daily Rate:


minimum 1/2 day.

Passion project? Let me know and we can work something out!

When I work with you, I'll be giving it my all. Make sure to contact me in advance of your project so we can make sure you get all the time you deserve!


I understand that one of the most important things to any project is staying flexible. Once we’ve had a chat I’ll give you an estimate for all the work discussed, but if at any point in the project you feel the direction needs changing, that’s completely fine.

Similarly, if a project calls for more work than was originally realised, I’ll be sure to keep you aware of every option available, so you never get caught out with any unexpected budget increases.


I feel that the most important thing to any successful project is good communication. I’ll keep you updated with all progress through work in progress designs, animatics and images so you’ll be able to keep on top of everything that’s happening with your project.

If there are any changes needed or stylistic choices that aren’t fitting, they can be caught as soon as possible and rectified – No pulling your hair out as a deadline approaches!


Good working relationships are built on respect. I’ll make sure to fully understand your project and the motivations behind it so we can both be on the same page throughout.

If you have any questions at any point regarding any of my process or suggestions I’m making, I’m always happy to clarify and explain anything as fully as possible. The better we understand each other, the better the project will be!

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